Privacy Policy


The website and any of its subpages do not collect & store any personal information about its visitors, except for the opt-in e-mail newsletter, should you choose to become a subscriber.  IP addresses and host names are recorded automatically by the web site’s host servers to keep track of web site usage (i.e. tracking which areas of the site are generating the most interest). This information cannot be used to indentify an individual, except by region of the world.


When subscribing to the newsletter, you must supply an e-mail address. Your supplied e-mail address will not be visible to anyone (even robots) except by the website owner, so you need not worry about receiving spam e-mails. The website owner will not use your e-mail address for any purposes other than sending out the newsletter, which you may easily unsubscribe from at any time, which would effectively remove your e-mail address from our records entirely.

If you would like to contact the website administrator for any reason, you may do so by e-mailing